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Hello Steve,
Thanks for your replies and appreciate four your useful tips,

there are few queries, i m still struggling to figure out , i tried find to find answer from previous kale forum, but still no clue yet

please refer image here –

1.) i tried to adjust the padding in ccs customizer but i couldn’t remove space between these 2 images

2) can remove extra white space in the recipe scroll list

3) remove grey default hover , i m using the pink hover now

4) how to change the fonts of the recipe list..

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hi steve, i m really interest to learn those of coding ccs to make my website better, if you dont mind telling me what should i study ? is it css? how about wordpress? any online course can help me to build my website

because i am totally new, i feel like have a lot questions to ask, there’s no way i keep asking this forum

The best way, in my (humble) opinion? Read questions in this forum and see if you can help. Read answers and see if you can figure out how they were arrived at.

And take a look at to learn some CSS.

ok thanks steve, you are the best,

lastly, can you let me know whats the css of number 1 queries,
the rest i will study and figure out myself, because number 1, it’s been a while i looking for the answer, , i cant sleep without solving this
( NUMBER 1 two image side by side)
Thanks for help

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