small and large image for magnifier plugin

Hi @blogdropper,

Could you please share the plugin’s name and URL?

From what I can tell, the plugin needs a smaller size to display inside the gallery. This smaller size will reduce load times, while keeping the image quality. Upload the smaller size at the resolution it will display inside the main gallery on your site.

The larger size should only load as a way of zooming in on the smaller gallery image. This larger image should be as high a resolution as possible, though there’s very few users who will view the site at something like 8K (7680px × 4320px) or even 4K (3840px × 2160px).

However, I recommend contacting the plugin’s developers or read its documentation to find out what’s the best practice for uploading images for use with this plugin.

Optimizing your images for the web will also help reduce load times. I prefer to use Tinify that optimizes your JPEG and PNG images, and has a WordPress plugin: I’ve not seen a noticeable difference in image quality, while the file sizes are much smaller.

There are other plugins like Jetpack that offer image optimization:

Hi Niall, Thanks for your detailed reply. After fumbling around for a few days I ended up using wp image zoom – free version. I’m using it for a gallery for my wife’s paintings so The magnifying glass option is enough for this.
Thanks for your help.

You’re welcome!

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