Site URL problem |

I have a problem which I’d appreciate some help with please.

I’ve installed wordpress in it’s own wp directory, and everything was working fine to start with. But as soon as I set the site URL to my main home page, wordpress is unable to find any pages or posts. Under Settings > General, the WordPress address is still set to the correct wp directory, and all I’ve done is set the Site address to the root URL of my site. But now I’m getting 404 errors.

Looking at the sample “Hello World” post, in the permalink, the wp part of the address has now been removed. If I change the Site address back to include the wp directory, everything works again, but of course it doesn’t link back to my home page.

Have I completely misunderstood the point of the site URL, or has something gone wrong?

This is a completely fresh install, with no plug ins, and no themes, and I think the only changes I’ve made are to set the permalinks to postname, and obviously changed the site address.

Any help would be much appreciated.

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