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Either there is an active plugin disabling your Auto Update Enable, or something in your .htaccess file, or something in the wp-config file such as :

Obviously if it happening on different sites, see the common plugins.
Disable them all, then check again.

Here are the docs on enabling updates :

Configuring Automatic Background Updates

@corrinarusso, Thank you for your response to my inquiry.

I tried disabling my plugins, to no avail, it didn’t change anything. One of my sites only has two plugins installed, but they are also installed on the other three sites.

Since I have very little knowledge of making any changes through the file manager, I’ll have to have my web host help me with this issue.

I’ve marked this thread as resolved, even though it isn’t yet. But I’ll tell you this for a fact, I’M GETTING SICK AND TIRED OF HAVING TO FIX THINGS, I DIDN’T BREAK. I only opened these sites less than a year ago, and this is the third time something went wrong after a wordpress version update.

Once again, thank you @corrinarusso for your help.


You are welcome to provide the URL to your site(s) to provide more troubleshooting direction.

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