Single post template not being used

Hi guys, realised this might be better to post here!

I have a default post category called Relief Fund which has the slug relief-fund.

I understand from the docs that I should be able to create a template with the name single-post-relief-fund.php that displays inidividual posts from that category. To quote the docs (and I have highlighted it below):

The single post template file is used to render a single post. WordPress uses the following path:

single-{post-type}-{slug}.php – (Since 4.4) First, WordPress looks for a template for the specific post. For example, if post type is product and the post slug is dmc-12, WordPress would look for single-product-dmc-12.php.
single-{post-type}.php – If the post type is product, WordPress would look for single-product.php.
single.php – WordPress then falls back to single.php.
singular.php – Then it falls back to singular.php.
index.php – Finally, as mentioned above, WordPress ultimately falls back to index.php.

However, the more specialised one is being ignored and the single.php is being used instead. I have checked the DB that the post-type is indeed ‘post’ and it is. Am I missing something?

The page I need help with: [log in to see the link]

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