Shortcodes only work when logged into WordPress.

I tend to exhaust most options before recurring to help on forums but I’m stumped, first time writing here so I’m not even sure if this is the right section but here we go:

I created a site, its using the Neve theme, and I added a couple of shortcodes to some pages using the shortcode block. The shortcodes all work when I’m logged into wordpress, but anyone not logged in like in incognito mode does not see the rendered shortcodes, everything else works fine though.

Some extra information:
1. It’s all shortcodes, I have a slider here:
And forms from a different plugin here for example:
Neither work, thus it’s not a plugin specific error.

2. As a sort of test I tried adding a shortcode straight into the themes header with the line:
<?php echo do_shortcode(‘[slide-anything id=”442″]’); ?>
And that shortcode did show on all the headers like expected, even when not logged into wordpress.

3. Closest post and info i could find was this:
But that seems to be for a custom shortcode and it seems to be a programming issue, both related to the fact that this is a custom shortcode, which mine are not.

I’m completely stumped any help would be appreciated, thanks.

Edit: I also tried disabling basically all plugins except for the ones installed by wordpress and the problem persisted.

Edit 2: Disabling the plugins actually did get the forms shortcodes to work, so now I’m guessing it might be a plugin problem with the slider one.

Final Edit: In fact it was some plugins, some optimization plugins, to resolve this issue look for a setting called “DOMContentLoaded event” and make sure its on, this should resolve the issue, it seems like some plugins make it so that the shortcodes are loaded before JQuery, this is the post that led to the fix, im leaving this here for anyone stuck on the same problem, cheers.

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