Several copies of my homepage

Hey folks!

A little bit of context. I use DIVI on WordPress 5.4.1

So I recently updated Yoast and it created a huge number of issues. For example it took all of my media attachment pages and made those pages “INDEX” so Google started indexing them. I had my TAGS as NOINDEX but it changed that setting to INDEX as well and Google started indexing those (I don’t want that).

When I looked through Google results I also found several copies of my homepage indexed. URLs looked like this:

myhomepage. com /page/2
myhomepage. com /page/3
myhomepage. com /page/4
myhomepage. com /page/5
myhomepage. com /page/6

… and so on.

My home page only shows 2 most recent posts. So these older versions that were indexed were showing my homepage with 2 different (previous posts) from some time before.

Of course these pages do not exist in my list of actual PAGES (or posts, or projects).

My question is, are these some kind of archive pages? Are they created by WP itself or by Divi theme? Or by a plugin?

I need to figure this out so I can make them all NOINDEX.

Thank You

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