Server CPU overuse warning – Page speed shot to hell.

Good morning, despite some hard thinking, following a b=variaty of posted advice I ham no closer to resolving my problem with word press 5.4.1. The remaining item the neeeded top be rolled back.

We have had two updates since mid March. The problems have been hard to solve. That said with help from my domain server admin we have been able to make most of the corrections.

The last problems beimg that of
1] Server warning of some 10 – 20 CPU overruns
2] API and loop back Curls errors that are said to be associated with the server but everything had been updated as suggested. Still the problem persists.

The problem is that I see some 10 – 30 concurrent data errors leading to the overuse but cannot isolate them. Even deactivating the plugins as suggested. We have gone as far as deleting the CDN in case it was a DNS problem. This leavs an issues with the core

Currently as stated we removed all non activate plugins rolled back and reset the remaining to get the storefront pages etc to display correctly, in the hopes of removing load or slight conflict.

The Curl and Rest API problem before upgrade and after Plugin up grades [ broke the site layout] remains the same.

It appears that the most errors and overload occurs when one or more visits are made at any given time.

It maybe that there is some clutter residual left by the previous lightspeed set up. The server operators reverted to apache in January necessitating some gradual changes to try improve a huge losses in page speed.

Anyone with an idea on how to overcome such problems

The page I need help with: [log in to see the link]

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