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You want to pass values from one server to another server ?
Did you already Altavista for an answer ? ha ha – sorry, couldn’t resist

I think you could use curl :
Other than that, I guess you could pass in a query string, but it would be better/safer to store them in a db table first. There are crappy ways to do this, using directives likes Server.Transfer or some sort of re-direct, but I wouldn’t do it.
Put it this way, If may boss came to me with this task, I would just straight up say no.

Better ways are to create an index on your main server. You could do this using Elastic Search, or in my experience I have used Solr to accommplish this. The data lives in another db, so Solr goes and gets the data and builds an index file. I have a cron that runs every 15 minutes to update the index.

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