RESOLVED Reusable block content not showing

POWER OF POSTING! Even though I’d played with this for days, I figured it out after posting. Can’t see how to delete.

Short version is that when editing the page, the reusable block content shows all the elements that should display. I think it’s connected to using columns.

When I view the pages with the block, only the heading and not the rest of the content displays on the page.

Longer details
I’ve updated to 5.7. I was adding 2 reusable blocks to lots of old posts and at one point accidentally combined 2 reusable blocks (well added one to another I think) and didn’t realize what happened since I’m used to the old way of editing blocks where I have to be more intentional.

I realized what I’d done at some point and tried to fix it, but it didn’t quiet work… eventually I thought I sorted it correctly. I use the “edit reusable blocks” area and got one of the blocks set perfectly and deleted the one causing the duplicate.

However now while every place I see the reusable block in edit mode it shows correctly, not all the elements are displaying on the page.

I did disable plugins and that didn’t help and purged cache too.

I have another reusable block I use on this site that wasn’t accidentally edited and it still works fine.

The page I need help with: [log in to see the link]

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