Replacing Images Correctly |

First off, I know this question has probably already been asked and I’ve done plenty of Googling about it too, but can’t really seem to find a conclusive answer… that is, how to successfully replace images on WordPress.

Example: I’ve uploaded an image called Image.jpg but I’ve made a tweak to the source image and want to upload a new copy with the same name (Image.jpg). The image is only used in one place so I don’t need to replace all instances of it. I could quite easily delete the original image, upload the new one and get on with it, but it just doesn’t work!

First off, why does this just not work? If I delete the 1st file and re-upload a new one, it seems strange that there isn’t some mechanism built into WordPress to say, “Hey, this is clearly a fresh upload, let’s display the new version”. And if I’ve supposedly deleted the old version, how does WordPress even manage to display the supposedly deleted older version? I’d love to understand why this works (or doesn’t work) the way it does so I can better learn how to deal with it.

Secondly, what is the best way to achieve the result from the example above; successfully uploading a new version of an image and having it display the new version and not always display the old version!

I’ve tried the Enable Media Replace plugin and even then it still doesn’t always work for me. The only sure-fire way I’ve found to get WordPress to see the upload as a new image is to give it a different name, but that’s a little tedious and there are really only so many variations one can make, and from an organisational POV it’s just really annoying to have things called Image_1.jpg

Any help with this is greatly appreciated! 🙂

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