Recent Posts Block bug when choosing excerpt option?

When I add a “recent posts” widget block to an existing page and choose the “display excerpt” option, I get a proper display in the editor, but when clicking “save” (“aktualisieren” in the German interface), WP shows an error message “Aktualisierung fehlgeschlagen” (“update not successful”). When I try to view the page, it’s completely blank. When I now remove that block in the editor, the page content is displayed again.

This happens in a theme I created myself, but please note:

1.) The “recent posts” widget block works properly with *all* other available options, *only* activating the excerpt option causes that error.

2.) I am using excerpts on other pages of that website (using the_excerpt() in the php template) without any problem. But using that block won’t work with excerpts, also when I try to use it on a new, empty page.

Could it be that there’s a bug, or can I do anything to work around that, for example in functions.php?

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