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Good day.. this morning I woke up, tried to visit my website and got this error https://prnt.sc/shxfut

I did not install this plugin and I noticed someone else had this issue where the plugin has “randomly” been injected/added to their wordpress site as stated here https://wordpress.org/support/topic/injected-malicious-plugins-and-codes/

I deleted the monit.php file and noticed “Monitization” on the list of plugins which was uploaded at a time I wasn’t logged in and I am the only user.. I’m sure no one else has my password(s) and that my computer is not infected.

Can anyone assist, please? This is what was inside the monit.php/random plugin file https://pastebin.com/6dH7d26n

Are there any trusted security plugins that I can download to ensure this does not happen again? This is a school website that is very active and I don’t want it to happen again as I could possibly lose my job and credibility. Note: Someone posted on wordpress that it happened to them more than once in the thread link that I posted earlier in this thread

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