Quick post solution needed (for editor-phobic bloggers)

My wife has a great blog which gets lots of views, but most of the content gets written and posted for her by yours truly.

The reason she won’t blog is because the interface is too complicated and the steps too numerous (write the post, upload a featured image, format everything, give it a title, write an excerpt, give it a category, navigate Gutenberg…)

She wants simplicity; share a link with a short paragraph of commentary and hit post (just like you do in Facebook)

Is there a plug-in or other way to achieve this? Surely there’s way to extract the image and title from a link (like fb does) to create the post title and featured image? There are GB blocks that do this within a post, but I can’t find anything to turn such a link into a fully formed post!

If such a thing is possible, it could also do with having a short text editor for adding a brief commentary (like fb) – from which an excerpt could be extracted.

The output of this little miracle would be a perfectly formed no hassle custom post type (e.g. link post)

And it might just save a marriage.

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