Products not showing on my website

I think you are using “Products by Category” block which allows selecting specific categories. Then products from only those categories would show up.

I suggest you use “All Products” block if you want to show all the products on the home page.

Oh right Okay thank you I will try that now. Appreciate your time.

Oh right I see what you are saying now. If I was to have products on home page I would need the All Products block but I only want everything in for example. ‘Gavin & Stacey’ menu?
Thank in advance for your help

In that case you should use “Products by Category” block itself and choose specific categories of products.

Alternatively, you can use “Hand-picked Products” block and select specific products that you want to display.

I also noticed, that clicking on any production the single product page URL is not working. So please go to Settings > Permalinks and verify you have it setup correctly –

Products by category is what I am using? If you go to the products category list on the right hand side and click Gavin & Stacey there, it will show you all 66 products. But clicking Gavin & Stacey from the top menu it will only show the 9 or however many it is? I just dont get what I am doing wrong?

Thank you for the advice on the Permalinks. I think I have sorted that with your help so thank you.

When I click “Gavin & Stacey” from the sidebar, I see that its a category page –

So for the top menu why don’t you use “Gavin & Stacey” category itself as the menu? That will show up all products like it does when you click the “Gavin & Stacey” link in the right sidebar.

To set the category as menu on the top:
1) navigate to Appearance > Menus.
2) Then expand the ‘Categories’ dropdown under ‘Add Menu Items’.
3) Locate the “Gavin & Stacey” category.
4) Tick that and click on ‘Add to menu’ button.
5) Then save the navigation menu.

So when I go to Appearance etc the Categories drop down only shows, italian, street food, breakfast, dinner, spring and uncategorised. I do not have the open to add any other categories to this section.

I have added the ones on my website by going to Appearance and in the pages drop down, adding Gavin & Stacey etc there and putting them into pages and sub items?

I really do appreciate your time and help with this matter. I am wondering if it maybe easier if you was to long into my wordpress?

No, it is not safe or recommended to share the login details here.

Please see this screenshot –

You need to enable WooCommerce product categories menu from “screen options” section that you see on top right of your screen while you are on nav menus page.

Then you will be able to see all the product categories.


It has worked. Should I do this for all of them? As in Gavin and Stacey Mugs? sub categories etc

Glad I could help.

Yes you can use product categories as menu for all the top nav.

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