Product Condition Feedback Email After The Product IS Delivered In Woocommerce.

I have made a grocery Delivery Website and what I want is to send an email to the user after the delivery has been done. In that Email the list of products will be shown to the user and there will be checkbox in front of the every product in the list so that user can click on the checkbox to notify the shop owner which products were in bad condition after the delivery was done. I was thinking to modify the customer-completed-order.php email template in the Woocommerce plugin directory but I am not sure how I can attach the products list along with the checkbox in front of the products form in that email so that customer can checkbox the products which were not upto expectation and send us the email back.

Also I was thinking about someway in which customer can only reply with a limited time period else the form will be expired and he will not be able to submit it back.

Any help regarding this topic is highly appreciated and I think this kind of functionality is not being given by any plugin I have seen custom Email plugins but these don’t include the option to give details for the specific details for products.

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