Problems after migrating wordpress site


so I created a new website on the domain as a temporary location before replacing my current site so my website isnt down / broke for a long time whilst I create the new one .

so I did the following to migrate

-clean WP install on new url
-download a copy of WP-content and WP-config from dsharman-backup
-download a copy of the database from dsharman-backup
-modified WP-config to have the new DB details
-deleted all existing tables in new website DB, uploaded tables from old website and modified url under the options table
-deleted the copy of wp-content and wp-config on the new website and replaced with the copy I got from the old website and modified

now the trouble im having is first of all when I navigate to the new url I get sent to the old url ( dsharman-backup) , however I can get in to WP-Admin on the new site and everything is there.
the other thing is ive got the following message
“Required File Permissions to import the templates are missing.

This is usually due to inconsistent file permissions.

ive tried to check the permissons via SSH but im not entirely sure what im looking for as not worked with permissons on linux before and not sure what permissons this folder should actually have

im not sure if the 2 issues are related or not

The page I need help with: [log in to see the link]

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