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hi i couldn’t find what i’m looking for in the other topics.
i use an old version of wordpress and i can’t updated because the theme i use is only fully function with wordpress 3 and i need this theme. i don’t have any problem with it all but every time i update a post i get two arrow icons (right and left) and in between them a media element which is not connecting anywhere. i go to the text in editor it shows bunch of codes of those arrows and the rest is what i typed into that post.
the funny thing is these codes are not showing anything in frontend of my website. the posts are working as they should but i have no idea why these arrow codes and that media element write themselves everytime i update the post. i try do delete the codes and then update the post as soon as refresh is done i see those arrows and codes in the text or code area of the post editor !!!
what is going on?
i actually have no problem so far but that is very annoying!
anyone have an idea what is happening !?
unfortunately i work in localhost so i can’t provide with a link. sorry!

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