Problem after wordpress migration, duplicate permalinks?


I am running bitnami wordpress in a virtual machine (vbox), everything was fine until I have decided to migrate my website to my other computer.

I have used the all-in-one wordpress migration plugin to do the migration

After that, I was facing problems with permalinks. The site was still configured with the old ip ( and hadn’t update to the new one (

I solved that problem using the search and replace plugin

NOTE:I have not configure the site with a DNS. I don’t have a domain name at the moment because I’m just practicing locally.

Now I am facing a different problem. It is hard to explain but its like there are duplicate versions of each page, one with the and another with

For example, when I click on the “contact us” page the link is

but when I click on a second time it goes back to

It is as if there are duplicate permalinks

It literally drives me insane

I search for hours trying to find a solution to this problem with no avail.

The only explanation I can come up with is that during the migration I had the site running on both computers, maybe there was an interference?

Any help greatly appreciated

Thanks in advance.

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