Private Field for WordPress Support Forum

We really need a private field in the support forum, probably a text area and not just an input, where we can send private info like urls and code to the developers.

That does exist here, that’s what “Link to the page you need help with:” is –it’s hidden from search engines and non-logged in users.


its very reasonable for the plugin developer to want to […] maybe log in.

It’s very important to note that we do not recommend you let anyone log into your site. And in turn, we prohibit developers from asking for log-in access, as well as remove posts from users asking people to log in. Why? Your safety, really. Trusting random people on the internet with login access to your site is incredibly dangerous for you and them. If they’re not great people, you end up hacked or worse. If they’re fine people, but have a virus, you could still end up in trouble. The odds are really just against it being safe.

Also these are free forums, and by keeping support public, you allow the future troubleshooters of WordPress to see a problem and solution all in one 🙂

If you really feel the only solution is to have people log in to your site, then you should hire them (there’s to help for that) and have a contract that protects you and them should the worst happen.

But its NOT there on the reply.

I’ve been asked many times by developers for logins. I don’t like doing it but there are times it is necessary and that should be my choice. I just want a way to send that info securely….ON THE REPLY.

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