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I don’t see a “personalize design” button on that page.

Thanks for your reply, that’s entirely my point, the button isn’t well designed and therefore not very visible, it’s under the “add to cart” button. it’s in grey colour.

Unfortunately, that button doesn’t have an associated class. The background is applied as an in-line element.

This is a “hit it with a big hammer” solution:

a.button {
    background-color: #9d41aa !important;

But I don’t think it looks very good and applying more styles will have side-effects across the site.

To add or override CSS: use the “Additional CSS” option in the customizer.

Learn to use the Chrome Developer Tools or Firefox Developer Tools to help you see and test changes to your CSS.

Assuming this is the right Printful plugin, I recommend asking at so the plugin’s developers and support community can help you with this.

Thank you, you’re right, it doesn’t look good, but at least it’s visible now, and as far as I see, it didn’t affect any other buttons on the website, so now I just need to figure out how to position it right. Thanks a lot for your help!

When you put the button on screen, can you assign a class? That would make styling and positioning a lot easer.

I don’t put the button on the screen, the button shows if I have the option enabled on printful to allow customer customization.

It’s sorted, it works great, I was able to add more customizations without affecting the rest of the site. Thanks a lot for your help!

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