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You should ask at your theme’s support forum. Each theme’s menus are different.

Looking at the code of those 2 pages you show in your gif, it looks like the difference is caused by your pages’ headers being transparent or not.

On the ‘galerie’ page one of the classes on the body tag is ‘ast-theme-transparent-header’. That causes your menu items to be salmon-colored through this line of CSS:

.ast-theme-transparent-header .main-header-menu a {
color: #f08450;

On the ‘cenik’ page this class is not present on the body-tag, which causes this line of CSS code to apply to your menu items:

.main-header-menu a {
    color: #222222;

And that gives the menu items their dark-grey color.

I hope that’s a clue. Good luck!

@dvaer Thanks to your advice I’ve been able to find and solve the problem. Thank you for your help, I truly appreciate it.

Wonderful @worexdesign, and happy I could help. You can also mark this issue as resolved, so that others may find it and benefit from your solution 🙂

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