Prevent WordPress from handling requests at root while set back to directory

I’m having an issue with configuring WordPress’ base URL. Five days ago I posted in the general fixes forum (, as this issue seems to affect WordPress in general. I’m posting it here, too, in case it is proper to local installs where it comes in a subdirectory. Maybe that raises some concern that wasn’t typically expected, and therefore was left unaddressed.

WordPress, when it is configured to be at root, processes all requests at this port and sends its 404 when it’s not in the blog. But that keeps happening even after these three files have been edited:


When I checked it, WordPress had already been reconfigured starting from the /wordpress directory in an instance of the local WordPress stack from Bitnami.

Bitnami had made the wise design decision to ship self-contained application stacks with a /appname base URL, not at the localhost port’s root. So I was able to repurpose apache2/htdocs so that a handful pages at /svg/ could be served by Apache independently.

But that is now definitely compromised because WordPress has now “learned” two URLs to use interchangeably: /wordpress and /. That wrong behavior may result from WordPress-internal records.

Then I’ve checked how it works out when setting /blog instead of /wordpress, as suggested in It is pretty straightforward and works as documented. The problem I’m encountering is that in either case, once the blog engine had been at root, it keeps supporting URLs at root, no matter what URL it is currently set to. At the beginning, Apache was able to serve independently a handful pages at /svg/. Now WordPress speaks up instead. And when I request the /, Apache is even prevented from serving the Bitnami start page. Instead, the request is now redirected to /blog/, and the blog’s homepage is served.

And the most bizarre is that out of 4 manually added links in the page footer, that all have relative URLs at / to 4 pages of the blog, 2 are opening their page at /, and 2 at /blog/, despite I cleared the browser’s cache multiple times and even restarted Chrome (beside restarting Apache again after manually changing from /wordpress to /blog). The only thing that changed is that /wordpress doesn’t work anymore. But / does, additionally to /blog.

Bitnami offered great support and helped sorting things out, while advising to reach out for WordPress to ask for help (, as this is an application-specific issue to be addressed here.

Now my questions are:

1. Why does WordPress keep responding and displaying at root when it isn’t configured to do so?

2. What takes it to move WordPress’ base URL to a directory after it had been at root?

Thanks for answers.

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