Post shows like code to non logged on viewers

Hi, @stevetroletti

That page loads just fine on my end:


It seems you have some cache plugin. You might want to clear the cache after making a change.

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Yesterday when I posted the this page was not loading for anyone who wasn’t logged in???

Thank You for putting forward the effort. It works fine now…

There was no active cache and I tried it with cleared history in browser.

It works fine now. I’ll just mark it as solved.

Magic happens! 🤣🤷‍♂️

There was no active cache

If you right click your website, view the source and search for cache you’ll find 2 of these

<!-- refreshing cache -->

That would normally be put there by a caching plugin. Unless someone just randomly put that there without any scope.

I tried it with cleared history in browser.

Cache happens at multiple levels:

  1. browser – you can open in an incognito file
  2. site (if you have such a plugin)- your site saves static versions of the site – you can purge the cache from the Dashboard (if such plugin exists)
  3. server – that’s not usually happenings unless you instruct your server to – more advanced stuff

There’s a nice plugin I use all the time to find stuff. It’s called String Locator by Clorith. You can look up for this string <!-- refreshing cache --> in your entire wp-content folder and see where that comes from. Make sure to backup (files+database) before doing this just in case something goes really wrong.

Hope this helps,
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