Post Formatting does not display

Template is missing. Standalone themes need to have a index.php template file. Child themes need to have a Template header in the style.css stylesheet

That error suggests your theme is not properly installed or is missing files. Can you please delete the TwentytwentyOne theme and reinstall it?

Hi, thanks.

2021 theme was already deleted.

I only tried to reinstall and activate per debug instructions to see if bold font would work on 2021. Reinstalling & activating gives that error.


Reinstalling & activating gives that error.

Then I would recommend you force reinstall 5.7-Beta-3, or roll back to 5.6.2 — but those errors both are related to the theme. The theme isn’t telling your site to show ‘bold’ differently 🙁

I did a clean WP reinstall and the 2021 theme now works and shows correct formatting.

I had the same problem with previous (some 2 months ago) version also, so it’s a problem with the theme is my take. Could you guide me to where I should file this issue, and in the case theme development is unresponsive, what similar themes could be used?

Thanks and Regards.

Since this is not a beta issue, I’m marking it resolved so the core team knows not to look.

Since you’re using Zita, I would go to and hit them up. It looks like you have the Business Zita theme which IIRC is a premium one?

Beyond that, I do not do theme recommendation as that’s like asking me if a pair of jeans makes someone look fat. It’s all subjective and it’s about what YOU like, not me 🙂

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