Plugin not showing in dashboard after installation through cpanel

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I upload plugin in wp/plugins

Just to make sure it’s in the right folder. wp is not a core WordPress folder (it can be the folder you have your site –, but not inside it)

The plugins should be in wp-content/plugins folder.

As an alternative, unarchive tar.gz locally (on your PC), zip it and upload it via Dashboard > Plugins

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Thanks Vlad T for your response.

Actually I used the right folder
wp-content/plugins as my all other plugins are showing there as well expect this one.

I also tried the way you said unzip locally and then zip it and upload from the wp dashboard but while I upload, it get failed and error that uploading unsuccessful.

Is it possible can be the plugin version is old thats why its not uploading or showing because I am using latest version of wp but when I asked plugin developer he said not this issue as its compatible with this version and its working with other wp sites perfectly.

Can you give us the exact error that comes up? Or is it just Upload unsuccessful?

It might be a faulty archive of that plugin . If you can upload other plugins from (try with any plugin you’d like) and they show up, then it’s a problem with that specific plugin. Maybe WordPress doesn’t see it as a plugin.


If the Plugin does not appear in the Plugins List, view the Plugin’s main file to ensure the Plugin’s header text exists and is properly formed.


The main file in each plugin should have a file header that shows basic information about the plugin. WordPress recognizes the header and, if it’s present and correctly formatted, uses it to populate the list of plugins in the admin screen.


 * Plugin Name: Magic Plugin
 * Description: Magic Plugin performs magic. 
 * Plugin URI:
 * Version: 2.3
 * Author: Mr. Magic 
 * Author URI:
 * Text Domain: magic-plugin 
 * @package Magic Plugin


If a plugin you installed is missing from the list on this admin screen, there could be a problem with its file header.

Does your plugin have a similar header in one of the .php files in the main folder?


when I convert in .zip and aupload via dashboard below error appeared.

Installing plugin from uploaded file:
Unpacking the package…

Installing the plugin…

The package could not be installed. No valid plugins were found.

Plugin installation failed.

Thanks, Vlad T

I have installed the plugin successfully as the problem was in the folder path which mentioned in . PHP file. so I correct it according to the .php file header and its work.

Thanks for your support

I’m glad you found the solution! Happy to help!

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