Phantom ads playing on website

James Huff


Volunteer Moderator

Carefully follow this guide. When you’re done, you may want to implement some (if not all) of the recommended security measures and start backing up your site.

Thanks James, we do backups regularly. And thanks for the recommendation on the security measures. We have now implemented most of them.

However, we are still getting the original error as mentioned above, and still no way of stopping the ads/overlays.

Thanks for your recommendations. Anything we can do to remove/stop the ads from playing?

If you, or anyone gets a chance to listen to the video file on google drive, you can hear the problem we are having.


Found out the problem. We use Elementor and they have a pop-up element.

We had a video in the pop-up but it was never used. Never called by a page, just sitting in the background.

Unfortunately this pop-up loads all pop-ups whether used or not.

And once we deleted the sample video, the site works perfectly.

The issue is now resolved.


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