pagespeed google cdn 500 ms loading time



Also review these help guides with some useful optimization tips:


i did all those suggestions in both of your links.
i am asking a specific question about google cdn. i dont use it and i want to know how to disable it?
thats the main issue that takes the most time



Try asking at the google CDN support.

i did, they said it comes standard in wordpress, hence im writting here asking how to disable it?

I can’t really see your plugins for some reason but I see hints you might have Site Kit installed. If so, either disable the Site Kit plugin or ask that plugin’s support for help. See if the problem goes away.

There’s supposed to be a disable for the Google CDN itself in that plugin’s settings but I don’t really know much about Site Kit as I don’t use it myself.

If you don’t already have it installed, you might want to try the Autoptimize plugin just to give you an edge.

I also saw a few hints about the Yoast plugin being there, Cloudflare, and a cache plugin with CDN… You might touch base with them if you can’t get any further otherwise.

Not that any of those above items are problematic but those people see things that people like me miss.

As long as your server keeps up with Cloudflare you’ll get a significant boost from them, the cache helps keep up with Cloudflare somewhat, the external CDN (if you have it) takes a load off your webserver.

I wouldn’t spend too much time worrying about site speed/optimization unless that’s one of your assigned tasks or something.

You have a really neat business concept there and your website loads just fine in my opinion.

It took some looking to find out you’re located in Florida… It was on the front page but I missed that.

That’s probably recaptcha which in indeed is a Google service and hence uses the Google CDN. Try disabling that and re-run the test to confirm?

i understand, thank you everyone for the response and guidance, i beleive the speed is not bad but i just read so many places that its not good ot have a low score.
thank you

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