‘Page not found’ issue on XAMPP localhost wp install

I have created a localhost install of wordpress using XAMPP. I am able to get to the admin dashboard and configure the site (I can see the pages properly when editing). But, when I try to view the live site, I see the theming, but no content. It just says ‘Page not found’.

I tried troubleshooting steps from other forum posts and various other sites including: going to permalink settings and clicking save, verifying that my apache https.conf file has mod_rewrite.so line uncommented, my .htaccess file appears to be fine, properly setting the WordPress address and Site address in settings, reinstalling wordpress completely, verifying the root wp folder has read and write permissions, deleting .htaccess file and regenerating it.

I can see the content of the pages from the database via phpMyAdmin, but for some reason that content is just not getting pulled properly into the live view of the site.

I turned on debugging and I get 6 deprecation notices from php similar to: ‘required parameter $post follows optional parameter $content…’ which I looked up and it seems to be a non-issue. I also get a warning: ‘private methods cannot be final as they are never overridden by other class in /wordpress/wp-includes/class-wp-session-tokens.php on line 69’.

Any help you all could provide would be greatly appreciated, I’ve really been spinning my wheels on this one. I’m posting this from my phone currently, but I can add info about my .htaccess file or any other info that may be helpful once I’m back on wifi with my computer which is running the server.

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