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First thing to do is determine what Plugins are necessary or desired. Researching each one will help you to better understand about Plugins and which ones you want. Will also help when choosing a Plugin in the future.

Then determine if the current Theme is desired or …? That will help in determining if a website makeover is viable now or down the road.

This doesn’t take away from the fact that one should always be aware of basic site security and maintenance, regardless of WordPress site or not.

My recommendation is to focus on Security and Backup Plugins. WordFence and Updraft come to mind as good ones to start with. Also make sure everything works with PHP v7.3 and get rid of whatever doesn’t.

That should keep you busy for a few days. 😉

@website-rob Thanks for your reply, will keep that in mind also do you know how to get rid of un used code and do you think that rebuilding from scratch will be better than using a website with 1.000.000bytes of un used CSS?

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Rebuilding depends on you or how deep your pockets are. Easy solution of course is to pay someone to do what is desired.

With that said, doing it yourself depends on how much you know and … how much you know you don’t know. If you know about basic site security and how to troubleshoot problems and how to know if a Plugin is good or bad then have at’er. If you know there is a lot you don’t know about those things then are you willing to spend the time learning; and how long will it take.

Also, was the previous person a whiz at this stuff or did they do a lot of things they shouldn’t have–and nobody knows about?

Not being able to see the site or know what you want to accomplish, I can only give you ideas as to what to do.

@website-rob This is the website and yes the previous web dev used a lot of unnecessary stuff which made the JS and CSS files full of un used code.

I have 4+ years of web dev and i have never faces such a problem before, therefore i dont know much about this kind of problems.

I use WP Rocket, Imagify, Autoptimize and Asset Cleanup as a optimization pluging for now and i got up to 70 score on mobile and 95 on desktop which is great but does removing the un used code will increase the page speed? As far as i know Autoptimize blocks un used code.

So what would you suggest for now? My boss approved me to rebuild it from scratch but is that a solution?

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As far as i know Autoptimize blocks un used code.

AO does not remove unused CSS/ JS I’m afraid.

@optimizingmatters oh yes my bad, it optimizes them which is also good.

Removing unused code “can” increase page load depending upon whether the code is a linked script and blocking page load. For that you may have to make changes in your Theme, to load certain scripts or find a replacement for Autoptimize–which I know is a good Plugin but perhaps changing some of its Options may help. Sometimes you gotta play around with Plugin settings to see what works best for “your” site.

From what I’ve seen, most people would be very happy with a site that loads as quick and presents as well as yours does. Follow my earlier recommendations and you should be well on your way. As this point I wouldn’t say you have any “problems” but rather some necessary “tweaking” to accomplish your goals. And that is a necessary part of running any website. 🙂

@website-rob Thank you a lot for the recommendations and your time!

Im sure following those steps it will make the website perform better than it is.

If that’s all for now then please mark this thread as Resolved.

You’re welcome for the help and remember — Gotta love this web stuff.
Good luck and have fun.

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