Notify Subscribers of new Zoom events

I am new to WordPress and using self hosted version, this is my for request to any WP Forum so please tolerate any newbie gaffes.

My wife has started running free Zoom Yoga sessions (how original!) in the time of Coronavirus and we are promoting them from our website. I have installed the Zoom meetings plugin and have got it working. What I would like to do is to have people subscribe so that when a new session is promoted on a blog posting that they are notified by email.

New Zoom meetings will be created using the plugin, there are different categories for the different classes offered.

I have taken a look at feedburner from Google but don’t think it is what we need.

I would like a way of getting people to subscribe and for our list of subscribers to be used when generating email alerts driven by new blog posts promoting new sessions.

I just need advice on the best plugins to install and some kind of flow from engaging new subscribers to alerting them to relevant Zoom sessions, including the ability to easily share with others would be an added bonus.

Thanks in advance to anyone who takes the time to read this and share their knowledge and experience with me.

The page I need help with: [log in to see the link]

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