Notifications not working |

Hello. I have a WordPress multisite setup, and I recently realized that I am no longer receiving any notifications from the wordpress dashboard, i.e. when a new site or new user is created. i know it’s not an smtp issue because other users are still consistently receiving their notifications fine (i.e. when comments are posted on their posts etc), and the wp forms notifications on all the sub-directory sites are still working. Here’s what I’ve troubleshooted so far:

1. checked the box is definitely ticked under NETWORK SETTINGS “Send the network admin an email notification every time someone registers a site or user account”. (tried ticking it off, refreshing and then ticking it back on as well).

2. checked the admin email address in all places I could think of (under users, under network settings, under installatron in cPanel, and in the actual php tables).

3. tried to change the admin email (in several places) and it says sent email to verify the change, but no email is ever received (checked spam & filters etc…)

4. realized perhaps my wildcard email address setup (* was maybe causing conflict with the so I turned it off, still nothing. and the form notifications from are still being received just fine, so that thought doesn’t really track anyway…

Could I possibly have been hacked and someone else is intercepting all the admin messages??? Is there anywhere I can manually check the settings in the php files or tables to see if everything is correct? I can’t find any troubleshooting info for manually inspecting things. Can anyone help or offer any other suggestions I haven’t tried yet? I’m at a loss… help?

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