Not receiving email change verification email

If you can enter the database (phomyadmin) you can simply change the value there.
As for the email never arriving, try installing this plugin and leaving it on all its default settings:

Some hosts require this so the emails are properly relayed.

you can change the admin email address directly at /wp-admin/options.php (just be careful not to mess up other options there…)

Yes do what Liew said, it’s much easier this way.

Thank you – I’m totally new to this… I’ve only made websites with tools like Wix before. Could anyone please advise me on how to do this?

It’s very easy:

1: Put this in your browser address bar, replacing with your actual domain name:

Next, scroll down to:


And then put your new email next to it, scroll down and click Save changes.
That’s it!

Thank you for your help! That one has now changed with your help, but still my admin user email address is still the same, and therefore not linking to my Gravatar account. Is there a similar fix to change that too?

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No worries at all. will give you that other option.

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When I go to that URL it just directs me to the dashboard page. Is it supposed to be another code change page like ‘/wp-admin/options.php’ was?

Can you see the “Howdy, Your Name” up in the right hand corner? If you hover over that with your mouse it should pop up a little submenu with the entry “Edit Profile”. Can you see that and navigate there? That’s where this link would go to.

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Yes, but that takes me to the user profile editor tool in which I have been trying to change the email address, but the verification email never arrives…

Right, I see. Let’s take a look at that problem then. Were you able to install the plugin I suggested?

You can do so by:

Navigating to the “Plugins” sidebar menu
Click Add New
Search for “WP Mail SMTP”
Install and activate the plugin

After that, try sending the email again. Once this is done we’ll know more.
If it works, the plugin would then simply have to remain enabled.

Yeah, I did install the plugin when you suggested it and have re-tried submitting the new email address and still no verification email.

Okay, thanks for confirming that.
In the plugin’s settings there’s a test email utility:

Does it spit out any error codes?

If none of this works, enable sending via STMP. This should definitely work.

I don’t see an error message, but it has my old email address in the ‘send to’ box, not the new one that I’m trying to change it to. Should I change that?

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