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Using HTML is certainly not expected when we have a good editor within WordPress (or if you are using any page building tools).

Have you tried cleaning your browser cache to see if that helps? You may check specific steps for your browser here

Does your site use any page building plugins, or are you facing this error with the built-in WordPress editor?

It will be helpful if you share a screenshot using or any other screensharing tool. Grab a screenshot and share the link you get here so that we can take a look

Hi, Yes, for years there was a good visual editor and an editor where you could add html. But the html editor disappeared, so I could no longer put a color behind quotes.

Today, there’s only the html editor.

I cleared my caches… I’ll do it again…

It’s still only the html editor… I took a screen shot, but I don’t know if it will post

I didn’t see your like for a screen shot… I’ll try that.

I’m not very tech savy… that’s a neat screen shot thing…

here’s the output

Clearing the cache made no difference. I also tried on a different computer, the problem of no visual editor is there, as well.

The problem appears to be with WordPress.

I need to work on my site, and would appreciate help so that I can do that in a timely manner.

Karen Kline

When is Visual Editing going to come back???????????????????????????????????

This is what I get when I google the visual editor… it’s totally out of date. There hadn’t been the option of one or the other for at least a year.

And right now I have no visual editor and with my brain injury I can’t safely use the Text/html editor.

How can I get help???????

What version of WordPress are you using?

What do you have set in your own user profile?


Are you using the Classic Editor plugin?

Thank you, I appreciate it.
I found that myself by googling for help. I was beside myself worrying about all the clicks to the page I couldn’t edit.

For some reason a hundreds of people were going to my Amplified Pain page… with research from 2006.

I appreciate you getting back to me.

As an aside, I don’t know how the setting happened to change…

Karen Kline

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