No tengo permisos para previsualizar borradores



1. Check your .htaccess file:

If you have made any changes to your settings like permalinks, you may have to update the .htaccess file. Normally wordpress will automatically update this for you. But sometimes due to permission issues wordpress may not able to re-write your .htaccess file. In that case you may need to copy and paste the code into your .htaccess file and upload it your server using ftp or file manager.

2. WordPress address setting:

If your .htaccess files are correct and if you are still getting the “you are not allowed to preview drafts” error, then check your WordPress Address (URL) and site address(URL) settings in Dashboard –> Settings —> General.

If they are not the same, then you will get this error. If one is www version and the other is non www, then change both to either www or non www whichever is your preferred version.

Hola t-p (@t-p)

Ya revisé todo lo que me indicaste. Estan bien las dos direcciones, coinciden. Revisé el archivo .htaccess y nada. Todo está bine. Podrá ser por usar temas free?



Everything is fine. Could it be for using free themes?

To find out, try to disable all plugins, and use one of the default (Twenty*) themes. If the problem goes away, enable them one by one to identify the source of your troubles.

If you can install plugins, install and activate “Health Check”:
It will add some additional feature under create a new menu position Tools > Site Health.
On its troubleshooting tab, you can Enable Troubleshooting Mode. This will disable all plugins, switch to a standard WordPress theme (if available), allow you to turn your plugins on and off and switch between themes, without affecting normal visitors to your site. This allows you to test for various compatibility issues.
There’s a more detailed description about how to use the Health Check plugin and its Troubleshooting Mode at

Ya hice lo de los plugins tambien. Incluso los borré. Me acabo de dar cuenta que pueden ser lo enlaces. tengo los enlaces permanentes de modo que salga el nombre de la entrada o pagina. Las paginas que cumplen ese requisito que on algunas salen bien, las que dan problema son las que muestran el enlace por defecto…no entiendo porque..pero si cambio eso entonces me da un error de acceso al server

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