No Support from plugin author




Each plugin author is providing as much support for their plugins as they can.

Since plugin is free, some authors can not dedicate as much time for supporting their products as you can expect for paid stuff.
GPLv2 licensed code also provides no warranty, see #11 and #12
See plugin guidelines too:

Therefore we cannot force plugin authors to provide more, better and timely support. Its sad that you got no response from plugin author(s), but it cant be helped.

Jan Dembowski


Forum Moderator and Brute Squad

@dzire2dzine I have removed the name of the plugin, the tag you put for the plugin, the URL to the plugin. These forums are not for naming and shaming.

Plugin authors are volunteers just like yourself. You are not their customer here; there are no customers on this site. Regardless of “using this amazing platform to market their professional service” you are still an open source collaborator for that plugin and are not owed anything from them at all.

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