New Server – Cached DB Creds?

I have ~10 WP sites, and I recently moved them to a new server. I created new databases and credentials for the site. I moved over my files, updated the wp-config.php page to include the new db name/creds, and I’m getting a db connection error when I go to the site.

I checked the logs, and I’m getting the following error:
Access denied for user 'username'@'localhost' (using password: YES)

The weird thing is that username isn’t a user for this site on the new or old server. It is however a user for a different site on the old server.

Is there any way you can think of that these old creds for a different site would be cached and trying to override the db creds in my wp-config.php file?

I’m running through cloudflare, and I’ve already purged the cache there.

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