New Images Uploaded – Blank Thumbnails

I’ve got a WP install that has been working great. I recently went to upload a new image, and it’s showing with a blank thumbnail.

All the previously uploaded images are working just fine. All the images I’m trying to upload will work successfully on different WP installs on the same server.

With that, I’m pretty sure it’s not a server or image/file problem.

There are 2 things that have happened since my last successful image upload, #1 I upgraded the PHP version on my shared hosting. #2 I installed a plugin.

With #1, I’ve had other WP installs that have taken the photos without any issues after the PHP upgrade.

With #2, I’ve disabled, deleted, and dropped the tables from the plugin I was using, however none of those seems to have made a difference.

For the record, I’ve already ensured the directory permissions are set appropriately (755).

Any thoughts/suggestions on this issue?

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