need to fix the menu border

Hi @parminder4476 !
You can do it by editing style.css of your parent/child theme Dashboard > Appearance > Theme Editor , below code:

li#menu-item-1384 {
    border: 0px !important;

Click on Save.
Enjoy! (y)

actually, I am not sure where to put in theme editor because theme coding is not in proper blocks, it looks like this

Please check here ignore the last url for screenshot

Hey @parminder4476,
I can’t see any border on your menu.
Could you share an image highlighting your requirement??

hi @prabhatrai pls refresh and check now you will see the border on contact us menu item.

Hi @parminder4476 !
From my side its working with above code.
see it >
May be your cache issue, purge all cache with plugin.
Try your browser empty cache hard reload!

actually, I do not want to remove that border I want to keep it bur “contact us must have in the center of the box. I do not want to removed the box border.

Hi @parminder4476 !
Are you trying to fix it or hide the border? I thought you wanna remove it!
If you wanna fix and make it center do delete old code and use below code:

li#menu-item-1384 > a {
padding: 10px !important;

Thank you Jay for the solution, now its working fine.

Hi @parminder4476 !
You are welcome!

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