Navigation menu is hoverable but it is not displaying

Hey @qasimyousaf57,
It seems that you have added too many menu items which are leading to the overlapping on the site logo.

You can decrease the number of menu items to solve the issue.

However, it would be best for you to communicate with the theme developers via their official support channel to get a precise solution.

The theme you are using is “Realty”.
Contact them here:

Actually i found the error its opacity but whenever i set the opacity to 10 it doesnt reflect in the header it shows opacity 0. Can you help me with that?

Hey @qasimyousaf57,
Where are you applying the opacity??

Setting the opacity to 10 does nothing special, the opacity value is between 0 (transparent) and 1 (Opaque).

I mean setting it to 1 works. But how to set it permanently.
Like if you go to inspect element and then navigate the menu there and set opacity 1 it works buthow can i set it permanently?

Thank you its solved now.

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