My website is being indexed wrongly by Google!

Hello there,

I have been stuck in this problem since 3 months, I asked everywhere for help, No body have an answer.
I hope i will find a solution here.

Please Describe the problem?

I am getting tens of visits to my website from weird keywords which does not exist in my website, for example, I kept an eye on my Google Analytic tool in order to see which page has most views,
and here are the results:

These links are not exist in website, How people can reach that? – Google Analytics says, these clicks comes from Google Search Console, But wait, How? Where are those links come from?

For further investigation, I took a look in Google Search Console, And watched out the Performance statistics, And I saw an incredible result:
I don’t know how my website is being indexed by these focus keywords, And i do not have any idea how to fix that.

I asked for help in my Theme’s forums, they claim, that the theme is never involved in such a problems like this!.

Thanks for helping!,

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