My these database tables are corrupt, how can I fix them

Hello, I had PhyMyAdmin on my site and I tried to repair these tables from PHPMyAdmin dashboard several times but It shows “The storage engine for the table doesn’t support r…” this statement for all seven tables and I know that these are advisory but My table is still not working what I need to do from here…

I appreciate any help from you, thank you very much for your reply…

That’s just a notice, not a problem. That’s normal for InnoDB. If, after attempting to repair via PHPMYADMIN, the tables are still corrupt, you’ll need to restore the database from a pre-crash backup.

Do you have any backups? If not, see if your host might have one.

Finally, once you recover, make sure YOU make frequent, regular, automatic backups of your files and database. I like the plugin “backwpup” for that.

Hello Senior, I have a backup of the database of my site, however, recently I have migrated my site to digital ocean and My question is that “I have a database “unmtj1577_dbnea” and “WordPress” section(in which my 7 DB tables locate those are corrupted) on my left of Phpmyadmin, If I am restoring my backup then I think I need to first delete my database umtj1577_dbnea and then add or create a new database with the backup database that I have.

Is it right? if not please tell the right way to restore database, when I have database already, and please tell me about the WordPress section which contains wp_users and others.

Thank you again for your valuable time.

Just go ahead and restore the database. The import (via PHPMYADMIN) will drop the existing tables and replace them with the ones from the backup.

I did same but it shows an error #1067 – Invalid default value for ‘user_registered’

Then your backup isn’t quite valid or is from an incompatible version of MySQL. Do you know what table his occurs in?

there is a screenshot Error Screen

Make a copy of the backup and edit it. Find where the default value is set for that field in wp_users and change the default value to 0000-00-00 00:00:00/


I need to make a copy of the database back up what I have, then I need to edit it and change the value of user_registered to 0000-00-00 00:00:00 , It is right, then I important that database file?

Senior, You can see in thisScreen-Link screenshot that It is already 0000-00-00 00:00:00 for user_registered in wp_user table

hello, please help Steven, I need it…

Edit your mysql server config file to allow zero dates. See

Thank you very much, Steven, It worked and my database tables got resorted properly now, everything is working.

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