Must our account be unlocked before re-hosting and rebuilding?

We want to transfer our domain name to a new host, and build our WordPress site there again from scratch. It will be a new WordPress installation, new Theme, new site builder and the content will all be freshly uploaded. The old WordPress site and its subdomain will be shut down.

Are we able to simply set up the new WordPress account for the same domain on the new host and set up logins there, or is there something that must be transferred?

Background: We are currently locked out of the site on our domain name, and the administrative email, despite having followed instructions that would normally unlock those. We want to change hosts for several other reasons also. Must we persist with unlocking that WordPress account?

We do have access to the subdomain and to cPanel, and I am able to understand instructions that relate to downloading and modifying config files.

The page I need help with: [log in to see the link]

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