Multiple products with the same attributes/options


My developer is re-creating my website in WP (migration from Adobe BC).
They have listed all my products and I’m going through making edits, in BC I had web apps showing product options and connected to the listing within tabs, some options are applicable to multiple products. By having one location where I can edit these options it updated all my applicable products and thus saved time and reduced the risk of an error on a product.

In WP my developer has listed the options individually on each product meaning if there is a change (which there regularly is) I need to go through each individual product and update them.

Is there a plugin I can get them to implement that will allow for one location to edit and feed into every product its connected to? I’m guessing if they knew of one they would of used it from the start as it would of saved them a huge amount of time creating the products that I’m now having to go through and amend.


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