Moving A WordPress Database? |


I’m trying to learn how to manually move a WordPress site from one host to another. I seem to be stuck on moving the database from one host to another. Here’s what I’m doing…

1) Backup files and database on old host.
2) Edit name servers to move the domain to new host.
3) Install WordPress in domain on new host.
4) FTP WordPress plugins and uploads from old host to new host.

So far, so good, got this part.

I know how to import a WordPress database using phpMyAdmin. But I don’t how to import it so the data is then displayed on the site at new host.

I know how to edit wp-config.php. But what credentials do I use? Name,user,password from old host? Name,user,password created by new WP install?

Do I import the old database in to the new database created by the WordPress install on new host? Do I create a new database on the new host and import in to that??

What’s the correct method of moving a WordPress database on one host to a fresh WordPress install on a new host?

Many thanks for any clarification.

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