moved to a new server – no photos

It’s weird that this should be happening of you only switched hosts and kept your website address the same.

Can you share your website address so I can take a look under the hood?

I’ve gone through the first half dozen posts (most recent) and reinserted their photos…

here – this post should have an image at the end, and it’s clearly broken:

here – this post should have an image at the end, and it’s clearly broken:

The broken image has this broken URL:

Meanwhile, when I look at your “wp-content/uploads” folder, there’s no folder for 2017 at all (only 2018 and 2020)… and consequently, there are no images at all, hence the broken images on your website.

Take a look:

… i tried simply uploading the wp-content/uploads files from the backup I saved, but that didn’t link up to the posts.

It appears something went with this upload you did… probably the files went to the wrong location (if at all).

Kindly check your web-based File Manager (from your Hostgator cPanel account) and see if there is a “2017” folder exists inside the following location public_html => wp-content => uploads

Standing by.

I have faced same problem on

so, i did look into the wp-content/uploads folder, and initially it had text files labelled as each year, but it seemed to be a zip archive, listing the file names.

I’ve tried adding the folders with the appropriate folder organization (year/month/filename), but it didn’t seem to map to the links in the posts. then I realized that if I click “replace” on the block, I can check the URL link, which sometimes seems to be a strange address.

I did just add a photo to the uploads folder, and the link actually worked.

so, I guess I can try uploading all the photos, and still go through post by post, and make sure the links are correct.


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