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It’s not a buggy plugin.

My guess is that you have Hide Title toggled to Off under the Captions –> Caption Settings.

Got it, Thanks. Why would you want that anyway?

What do you think is your favorite Photo Gallery plugin?

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Bc you’re ‘supposed’ to be adding proper titles and captions to your images :
So if you added them to your images, it looks pretty good.
I would say most people don’t bother with this step however, which is why Modula provides the option to hide them.

I have some legacy sites that use Modula – I use to use it exclusively years ago.
But these days I use a page builder, and it has a Gallery option available.

What is page builder? is that part of regular WordPress?

Also I noticed that one of the photos when scrolled over say binary comment. Why would that still be there?

Page Builders provide rapid development for the front end of your website.
I think the most popular are Elementor and Beaver Builder :

Check Modula –> Gallery Settings –> Hover Effects –> Hover Effect / Cursor Iocn

Thanks, I see Hover effects but can’t see how to remove caption on that page.

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What do you think of Envira Gallery? I have that on another page. think that is better overall? I’m not impressed with any but I need to use one of them.

I dunno really – scroll through and compare the issue queues to see if anything stands out :

Thanks for your help. the Modula hover settings doesn’t show you what is on the image. I may use Envira instead. They’re about equal.

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Just outline your functional requirements, and pick one based on that.
They are all going to be similar anyway.

I will use Envira for now. Added few photos, would like to center the gallery instead of right panel.

Check it out.

Thanks for all your help.

Looks good.
See here :

The Gallery is not right justified – it’s taking up the right panel, as you said.
If you want it full screen, just change the template.

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