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Hello all,

My WordPress website is about finished and I’m very happy with my desktop version. The problem is that I don’t like the mobile version of it at all. For example, when I scroll on my homepage on the desktop version, my background image moves along (or at least it looks like that), but on the mobile version this doesn’t happen. Any idea how to fix this? Or is this different for each smartphone?

What I’ve also tried, is getting totally rid of my background image on the mobile version (and replace it by just a plain colour that I like) – just to see what that would look like. Is there a possibility to do this, without removing the background image from my desktop version? I’m currently using the Nikko Portfolio theme.

And third and last question: on my mobile I find the text, the “paragraphs” (not the titles) on my pages (like “Over Daan”) too big. I know how to decrease the font size for the desktop version, but I only want to decrease this font size on the mobile version, not the desktop one. I’ve tried to do this using Elementor, but no success. How can I solve this?

Thanks a lot in advance!



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