Migration Of a Wix Site

I have a few questions that I need answered, Before I begin I would like to thank all that comment as you greatly helping me out! My family runs a site about our travels but the Wix Premium costs are too high for us with Covid-19. We have made the choice to migrate to WordPress but want to ask some questions before i spend any money. 1st question: I have a Spare domain that I want to use to build the new Site on to minimize site downtime when we do the switch. Can I swap the domains out with out losing any info using a Hosting service like Bluehost? And if so would Plugins like Slider Revolution also move over? 2nd/3rd Question: All of my files are stored using the Wix Media cloud thing, What would be the most efficient way of getting all of the photos to the new WordPress site? Final Question: How do paid plugins (Slider Revolution) set ownership is it connected to a certain domain or email Address?

Thanks in Advance!

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