Menu Bar Dropping To Main Text Area on Mobile setting

good morning bro,
I analyze your page on mobile view the appearance of the home page on mobile view is perfect.
firstly you can increase your z-index of your menu button, specifically for mobile view, and also for your cart button if it Is possible you will change its position on the top of the right side only (you can check the padding or margin)for the mobile view section.

note- all changes you must do on mobile view setting only because the desktop and tablet seem to be good.

@tubesfloral The reason for this behavior is the two parallel lines (just to the right of the menu-item Info are occupying a bit too much space on the mobile. This results in the portrait width not being sufficient enough to contain both the logo and the navigation menu, thus making the menu “drop” below.

To fix this, you can reduce the width of those lines a bit.

Use this CSS to do the same:

.eltdf-mobile-header .eltdf-mobile-menu-opener.eltdf-mobile-menu-opener-predefined .eltdf-hm-lines {
    width: 40px;

Thank you @danielbora123 and @shariqkhan2012

I appreciate your speedy response and solutions. Haha, I have no idea how to code or add this code to the site 😀


Thank you @danielbora123 and @shariqkhan2012

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